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Bottomline Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring

Combat costly and complicated money laundering schemes quickly to better meet regulatory requirements

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Monitoring, detecting and reporting money laundering can be costly, complicated and prone to error. It requires organisations to perform vast amounts of due diligence in a dynamic environment to reduce risk and stay compliant. It is a high stakes proposition.

Bottomline Anti-money Laundering Transaction Monitoring empowers organisations to efficiently and accurately monitor financial transactions for suspicious activity, establish risk profiles, generate alerts and all necessary reporting for regulatory requirements.

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Research Report

Strategic Treasurer: Treasury Fraud & Controls 2017 Report

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Benefits & Features

  • Detect suspicious money laundering activity quicker through real-time alerting and a solution that tracks activity across accounts and customers
  • Achieve better visibility by gaining a full picture of the relationships between individuals and groups allowing for accelerated detection
  • More easily establish risk profiles and monitor high risk customers or transactions that require additional scrutiny
  • Streamline your organisations reporting processes to comply with AML / CFT regulations with a proven global solution that can meet country-specific requirements

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