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Bottomline Bacway

Formerly a part of Microgen Financial Systems, the Bottomline Bacway product is a Bacs Direct Debit, Direct Credit and Faster Payment processing solution.

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Fully approved by Bacs, Bottomline Bacway is a suite of on-premise payments software which is highly flexible and configurable to meet your business payment processing needs. Catering to organisations of all sizes, across every industry, Bacway installed software offers a level of core functionality that supports all the principal Bacstel-IP options including Direct Debit, Direct Credit and bureau submissions. Using Bacway, organisations can submit their Bacs payment files directly to Bacs, or submit files on behalf of others. Based on business size and payment processing needs, the software is available in three different versions: Professional, Enterprise or Enterprise HSM.

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Benefits & Features

  • Access to all Bacs payment types including 3 day Bacs credits and debits, and Faster Payments
  • Increase visibility and control with securely managed processing, including audit trails and role-based access and permissions
  • Reduced risk of fraud and manual errors with stringent validation processes and secure transmission mechanisms
  • Improve productivity through easy back-office integration and streamlined payment processing

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