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Bottomline Corporate Payments

With Bottomline Corporate Payments you can fully service the domestic and advanced global payments needs of a financial institution's commercial customers including payment origination, payment management, approval workflows, security, and risk management services.

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Banks today face an increasingly competitive market. Revenue growth is flat and fee income has been declining. Customers, on the other hand, are becoming more volatile and ready to shift primary bank relationships in search of better product capabilities and ease of use. Bottomline Corporate Payments helps banks win more payments business—by enabling their corporate customers to efficiently make and manage payments across geographies through a tailored user experience designed specifically for the corporate customer, allowing banks to accommodate both low-volume and high-volume corporate customers. Bottomline’s product supports robust security and control features, streamlined processes, self-service options, and collaboration tools to drive efficiencies and process optimisation.

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Benefits & Features

Benefits for the corporate customer

  • Streamline processes and improve efficiency in payment operations
  • Effectively manage risks of both internal and external fraud
  • Make cross-currency payments without having to hold accounts in multiple currencies and associated foreign exchange risk

Benefits for the financial institution

  • Offer your customers a market-leading payment solution that will win payments RFPs and increase your payments market share
  • Maximise customer satisfaction and retention
  • Enable the shift away from cheque to electronic payments, reducing costs and streamlining operations.
  • Provide robust security and control features to clients


  • Payment origination - ACH, wire, and cheque, as well as internal transfers
  • Payments services - cheque issues, voids, stops, cancels
  • Multicurrency payments - local language, and pre-loaded (daily/carded) or real-time foreign exchange rates
  • B2B payment network integration - Paymode-X integration
  • Controls - Approval by number of signatures, panel authorization, and multi-factor authentication
  • Fraud prevention services - Review potential fraud transaction, ACH or cheque
  • Mobility - Designed for use on mobile devices
  • Standard back office integration with market-leading payment systems
  • E-learning modules

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