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Bottomline Transaction Centre

Bottomline Technologies has been a leader in document handling for over 25 years. By using efficient processes, economies of scale and their unique technologies, a wide range of organisations have made significant savings by outsourcing their paper processing.

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Bottomline will help you transition to a fully digital system and take on the task of converting all your historic archives to digital. Bottomline's Transaction Centre is designed to deal with these problems, adding security, efficiency and control into your processes.

The services open up new opportunities to use the data held within your archives, as well as to dramatically reduce the risks associated with paper archives.

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Benefits & Features

Bottomline Technologies offer leading-edge technology and processing expertise, allied with simple archive and retrieval systems.

  • Significantly reduced cost of storage
  • Improve efficiency through electronic search and retrieve capabilities
  • Provable compliance and data protection
  • Better control of document access
  • Add resilience to your Disaster Recovery policy
  • Fully encrypted data from host system to printer
  • Reduced waste from intelligent remittance overflow management
  • Supports multiple printer locations, remittance, letter style and three-on-a-page cheques
  • On-demand service for significant cost savings
  • Eliminates the need for high volume print hardware and consumables

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