Bottomline Web Fraud and Security

Bottomline Web Fraud and Security creates detailed behaviour profiles for each user of corporate online and web-based applications, such as eBanking applications, and compares them to a baseline of the normal behaviour of this user. The product records and analyses ongoing user activity and alerts to changes in a wide range of behaviour indicators both financial and non-financial. A built-in profiling capability is particularly potent in uncovering various customer account takeover schemes.

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Bottomline Web Fraud and Security is designed to identify and track fraudulent activity that occurs on a company's online platform. Suspicious activity is tracked and identified by non-invasively monitoring all web traffic, then analysing that data and alerting investigators to suspicious activity in real-time.

The system is able to catch fraudulent activity by identifying the patterns that are normal for specific customers, customer groups, and behavioural patterns that indicate fraud. As users interact with the online application, a profile is built for each user to determine what is normal for that specific user. For example, if a customer interacts with the eBanking system in an abnormal way, an alert can be created, blocking the suspicious transaction, their account can be suspended, and an officer can investigate what occurred.

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Benefits & Features

  • Data capture and collection: Records all user activity in online and web systems, including behaviour data that is not captured by log files
  • Analytics and alerts: The product conducts automatic profiling of various aspects of user behaviour including online activity and transaction activity in multiple channels e.g. web and mobile. The system maintains a profile for each user and compares current user activity with their historical behaviour patterns; immediately detecting and alerting to deviations which are possible indicators of account takeover. Users can modify and add rules easily, and dynamic profiling and scoring can alert in real-time or in batch mode
  • Preventive rules: Stop suspicious transactions in real-time. Calculate risk levels and block attempted fraudulent transactions, as they happen, and integrate seamlessly with the online application
  • Web fraud rules library: The product is provided as a subscription to customers, and includes a library of predefined rules, which are able to detect anomalies with minimal false-positives. As a benefit of the subscription model, organisations receive updated rules to more quickly address emerging fraud schemes. The rules can be easily adapted to the specific risks of the organisation, and additional rules may be added if needed
  • Mitigation of potential attacks including:
    • Account Takeover
    • Man in the Browser
    • Man in the Middle
    • Bill pay Online Fraud
    • Next-Generation DDOS
  • Seamless integration: Integrate with other products in Bottomline's Cyber Fraud and Risk Management suite, which provides a comprehensive platform and product set for preempting, detecting, and resolving different types of fraud, security breaches, and compliance issues.