The Direct Debit Management module of PTX™ Payments and Business Solutions Suite offers organisations an innovative, secure cloud-based service that ensures your business is in complete control of its Direct Debits. With PTX™, your Direct Debits can be accurately captured, properly managed and efficiently collected on time, every time and within full compliance of the Bacs Direct Debit (DD) scheme rules.

From setup through to the daily management of Direct Debits, PTX:

Automates the DD set up and on-going management process to reduce complexity

Reduces human error and unnecessary manual intervention and administration

Helps prevent late or rejected collections and reduced claims from customers

Improves visibility of cash flow enabling better cash management

Ensures compliance with stringent Direct Debit scheme rules

Enables a business to include Automated DD Instructions (AUDDIS) in their Direct Debit process (Bacs electronic DD mandate processing)

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PTX - the feature rich, cloud-based offering:

BT currency & payments 95

Full Direct Debit Management

BT documentation & messaging 44

Upfront bank account validation and verification

BT documentation & messaging 53

Secure multi-device, multibrowser and multi-user access

BT process & representation 131

Integration with other systems using our API

BT currency & payments 92

Bacs approved software: Bacs Direct Debits, AUDDIS, Direct Credits, Faster Payments, HMRC RTI-compliant

BT data representation 22

Both Direct and Indirect payment submissions, with Smart Card and HSM support.

BT legal 109

An intuitive and user-friendly interface, with industry leading compliance for the visually impaired

BT personnel 141

Set role-based user permissions for users, ensuring all transactions are within authorised limits and secure.

How can your business can benefit from this Bacs-approved module of PTX?

Minimise rejections

Minimise rejections

PTX DDM can validate and verify bank account number details against the EISCD (Extended Industry Sort Code Directory), and other specialist data sources, confirming that the bank sort code and account number exist, are active and belong to the person in question.

According to Bacs, a rejected Direct Debit can cost up to £50 to rectify, this additional checking highlights errors at the point of entry and long before the collection of funds is attempted.
Premium Care

Easy scheduling

Easy scheduling

PTX DDM creates flexible payment plans that can be easily amended to suit your customers’ needs. Specify a collection date and the system automatically calculates payment frequencies, taking weekends and bank holidays into account.

Scheduled Reports and Audits

Smart communication

Smart communication

In compliance with Bacs regulations, and in a few clicks, PTX DDM automatically generates and prints or emails the necessary Payer correspondence and reconciles Bacs reports, making it easy to administer customer payment plans


Simple processing

Simple processing

With PTX DDM, you are able to:

Fully automate the lifecycle and collection of your Direct Debits

Setup flexible payment plans that suit your business and customer needs

Reconcile exception reports (A-reports) against active customer plans

Import payment plans and/or debtors from your ERP, CRM or Finance systems

In four easy steps, PTX then simplifies the transmission of Direct Debit collections and mandates (DDIs) to Bacs:

Step 1 PTX DDM creates your collection or AUDDIS batches on a scheduled or user driven basis.

Step 2 Validate the batch details.

Step 3 Approve the batch using single or multi-stage approval.

Step 4 Release the file for onward submission to Bacs.

Case Workflow Transfer Folder

Improved collections

Improved collections

PTX DDM is an ideal solution for businesses looking to move away from manual, paper-based processes. It allows businesses to realise the efficiencies and improved cash collection that comes from streamlining and automating their DD process.

Consolidated Cash Positioning

Visibility and control

Visibility and control

PTX DDM offers smarter reporting and audit trails giving you total visibility of all transactions so you can have complete control of your cash flow at any given point. PT-X’s user-friendly interface also features a logical and easy-to-read graphical representation of your incomings and outgoings at a high level, so you can immediately see what is happening.

Cash Postition Calculation

Better operational efficiency

Better operational efficiency

PTX DDM integration features allow you to share data between different systems using our API. Data can be pushed and pulled to other systems, such as your accounts package, mobile devices and 3rd party applications to give you better visibility and facilitate operational efficiencies. For example, customer contact information could be captured in one application, which is then sent directly to PTX for the Direct Debit mandate to be created.

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