Leveraging our global footprint and complete resiliency across 3 fully independent bureau infrastructures, we are able to provide an emergency service to clients - a ‘ready to go’ set-up which will provide core capabilities to ensure continued business operations. 

This solution has a minimal infrastructure and maintenance requirement on the client side, whilst providing peace of mind that connectivity can always be maintained to the SWIFT network. Additionally, customers will also have access to a global pool of Bottomline expertise if any clients need immediate support.

How Can Bottomline Support You? 

Completely independent access - to SWIFT network outside of your own Production / Disaster Recovery environment. 

Comprehensive coverage - FIN, InterAct (FINPlus, Funds, RemoteGate, RMA) and FileAct. 

User Interface access - to a SWIFT Messaging Interface for manual message entry/review/release. 

Peace of mind - 5 soft MFA tokens (Multi Factor Authentication) for designated users to ensure security. 

Flexibility - SFTP securely over the internet for File Transfer. 


Availability and Data Storage

Service is available to all clients (Hosted/Service Bureau or with their own SWIFT interface).

This service does not replicate your configuration (unless RMA), but offers a simple and secured user-to-application interface, or application-to- application interface, to capture urgent payments.

Invocation 24x7 when required via the Service Desk.

No long-term data stored on Bottomline servers as this is an access only service.

Automated export of RMA Authorizations for the Messaging Interface.

Standard BIC Directory upload only.

Why it matters?

Bottomline has put in place a Remote Recovery Solution that will allow you to continue to be able to send and receive SWIFT messages safely and securely


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