Ideal for companies that are looking for:

Peace of mind when making payments to consumers and businesses

Increased confidence that you are paying a genuine supplier when settling invoices

Support in protecting your business from payment fraud

Data coverage that will allow you to reduce the costs associated with manually verifying account details

Access to coverage of 92%* of UK bank accounts addressable by Faster Payments, which will increase coverage to 99%* by October 2023

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an industry-wide, regulated, banking initiative in the UK that provides payers with additional peace of mind that payments are being sent to the correct person or business by acting as a name-checking service

Receive one of five results

When new bank details are added or amended, our service will check the details provided and make sure that they match the information on the payee’s account. Once checked, you will receive one of five results:

PTX assets 183

Name and account match

No problems detected.

PTX process representation 138

Close Match

The details are similar, and the correct name is returned for the user to check

PTX assets 185

The name does not match

We’ll let you know that the name does not match.

PTX legal 104

Additional reference missing

Identifies the need for a secondary reference number if one hasn’t been provided.

PTX security fraud & risk 169

We can't check this account

In the rare event that we are unable to check the information provided, we will let you know. This is typically because the bank that holds this account does not participate in the bank verification initiative

How does Bottomline’s Confirmation of Payee service help support your business?

Reduced Risk of fraud and direct financial losses

By using our service, your business has greater assurance that they are sending payments to the intended recipient, helping to avoid making accidental, misdirected payments to the wrong account holder or to a fraudulent account. In 2020, UK Finance estimated that those businesses impacted by fraud lost £18,000 on average. Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud where payees are tricked into willingly making payments into fraudsters accounts increased from £479m in 2020 to £583m in 2021*

Reduced time spent on manual checking

With CoP’s current 92% coverage, and the PSR’s drive to increase this to 99% by October 2023, more consumer or business accounts can be verified in near real-time electronically and the cost of manual verifying accounts will continue to decrease, reducing operational costs for onboarding customers.

Better customer experience

With CoP in place, you can have greater confidence that payments are being sent to the right place, meaning that your business avoids the pain that comes with rectifying errors and causing unnecessary customer distress.

Easy to implement

As a SaaS solution, PTX Confirmation of Payee removes the need for you to install and maintain software within your organisation

Integration is via a simple JSON API intended to complement your existing bank account verification workflows

All relevant implementation documents and certificates are provided

The PTX Confirmation of Payee CAT environment and test cases allow you to ensure your integration performs as expected

Bottomline group are a leader in business payments security and fraud detection

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