Effective cash collection is one of the most essential aspects of good business practice.

With 3.4 billion payments via DD in 2013 and predicted growth to 4.2 billion by 2022* the value of the DD model is clear to businesses and customers alike.

* Payments Council – Payments Council Report 2013

The Direct Debit Management ebook will cover the following sections:

Section 1: Introduction 

Section 2: The Value of Direct Debit

Section 3: Direct Debit Set Up Overview

Section 4: Streamlining Submission

Section 5: Customer Onboarding

Section 6: Communication

Section 7: Account Switching

Section 8: The Direct Debit Guarantee

Section 9: Education

Section 10: Payment Collection

Consolidated Cash Positioning

A seamless model for managing the end to end invoice and collection process is key to:

Maintaining cash flow

Building good customer relationships

Avoiding unnecessary errors

Minimising administrative overhead

Today, organisations have a diverse range of cash collection alternatives; customers can pay via:


3-day Bacs

Faster Payments

Direct Debit (DD)

Mobile payments such as PayM


Why it matters?

3.4 billion Direct Debit payments were made in 2013.


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