Protecting payments across the business with cloud-based solution.

With a turnover of £320 million and employing over 3,000 staff, Finsbury Food Group specialises in manufacturing cakes, bread and bakery snack products for major retailers and foodservice companies across the UK.

Prior to implementing Bottomline’s PTX cloud payments solution, Finsbury maintained an ERP, payroll and on-premise payment software platforms. By shifting to PTX cloud payments, Finsbury can now leverage the power of one simple group-wide payment solution for fully protected payment processing.

Read Finsbury Food Group’s success study to learn how it and its subsidiaries now benefit from:

Manageable and scalable solution with role-based access controlling user functionality

Banded transaction limits enabling easy usage expansion across the Group.

Reduced fraud risk with the PTX security pack that protects payments

As a scalable cloud payments subscription service, PTX has enabled Finsbury to select and pay for what they use. Finsbury Food Group protect payments with PTX – read the case study to find out how.


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