As a top supplier of energy-efficient water and steam related products in the southeast United States, James M. Pleasants has experienced rapid growth in recent years. As JMP’s customer base increased exponentially, so did the number of invoices that needed to be generated, sent, processed and received.

With about 90% of invoices sent via email, and the 30-day remittance period starting the day invoices were delivered, JMP did not have a way to definitively confirm receipt of the emails to ensure appropriate time for invoice payment processing. Non-payment of invoices was blamed by customers on not receiving the email or other deliverability issues.

Download the case study to find out how PTX Connect helped JMP to:

Improve visibility into invoice deliverability with electronic invoiced

Automate invoice processing and minimise delays in payments

Increase responsiveness to contact turnover

Eliminate IT involvement on verifying delivery

By implementing Bottomline’s PTX Connect solution, JMP benefited from greater control and real-time visibility into AR document tracking including invoices, purchase orders, account statements and more.

Discover how by partnering with Bottomline to automate its transactional documents with PTX Connect has freed up James M. Pleasants’ financial and labour resources for other projects.

Download case Study

Why Bottomline?

We aim to give our customers reasonable remittance terms, but without visibility into delivery, we couldn’t always verify when the 30-day payment clock started. This caused issues as past due invoices piled up and negatively impacted our revenue stream.

Source: Joe Claxton, IT Manager


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