We couldn’t agree more – but simply continuing on the path set by legacy cross-border payment approaches won’t get us there. One thing is clear: the pressure is on. Instant and real-time domestic payments between people and businesses are now simply expected.

Customer tolerance for slow, expensive international payments is disappearing. Fortunately, international payments are starting to catch up. The new SWIFTgpi initiative and SEPA Instant Credit Transfer schemes are delivering dramatic improvements in payment speed and visibility


Why it matters?

According to a recent report by McKinsey, ‘Making international payments as efficient as domestic payments is inevitable’

Source: McKinsey


Unsurprisingly, more businesses are looking beyond the traditional bank payment network to embrace new solutions that offer choice, cost advantages and flexibility.

These benefits stem from new and alternative payment routing, streamlined back-office processes and optimised workflows that gives customers choices about how and when payments are made.

Payment routing

Having a choice of international payment routing options has previously been limited to the SWIFT network. SWIFT is ubiquitous and offers adequate speed but is comparatively expensive.

Today, specialist payment providers are building their own international payment networks using banks in key destinations to access domestic payment rails, such as ACH in the United States. Payers then have the option of using SWIFT or opting for “local” routing depending on the destination, currency account and urgency of the payment.

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