Working in finance can be challenging. The industry is facing unprecedented change, and the pace of transformation is set to accelerate. Technological advancements have led to innovation, regulatory initiatives have opened the door to a breadth of data we've never seen before, and fraudsters continue to exploit businesses with sophisticated ways of attack.

The Payment Matters webinar series has the answer. If you're interested in learning about the latest news and trends in the payments and financial technology industry, you’ve come to the right place. Each episode has hints and tips to create a robust payment strategy for your business - listen to our expert panel on-demand to see what you can implement in 2023 and beyond.

Why customer experience in payments matter, more than ever


Navigating customer experience as a business isn’t easy. There is no single ‘point of entry’ for your customers, and their experience is an impression they have of your brand, as a whole, throughout every step of the buying journey. So what? Well, a totally satisfied customer contributes 14 times as much revenue as a dissatisfied customer.

Payments play an essential part in this. From purchase abandonment to late payments, failed Direct Debits or the ability to refund, customer experience can impact how you collect money into your business. With the current economic climate posing a significant problem for businesses and consumers, your data may be the key to making the best decisions. 

Watch this fireside chat with our expert panel to explore the latest payment trends and how combining innovative and traditional payment methods provide you with the tools to creating a better CX.


Charles Bennett, Head of Propositions, Bottomline

Vinay Kholsa, Head of Product Insights & Analytics, Bottomline

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How are payment inefficiencies impacting
competitiveness and growth?

In times of economic volatility, companies understandably focus on their core capabilities due to reduced budgets and resources to help them navigate market conditions. Many organisations are also struggling due to a lack of payments automation, integration and control.

This in turn leads to poor forecasting, prolonged reconciliation and delayed sales bookings, ultimately impacting competitiveness and growth.

So what steps can companies take to overcome these common challenges? Hear our payments experts share their insights in this on demand webinar.


Richard Ransom, Modernization Specialist, Bottomline

John Rodgers, Global New Business Sales Director, Bottomline

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2023 Business Payments Barometer: Unearthing What Matters Most to Companies

The results are in.

We researched 1,600 financial decision-makers from Great Britain and the United States on what they believe will influence payment processes over the next 12 months.

Since our last report, the payments landscape has evolved. In 2022 the global pandemic was the biggest driver of change, so it was unsurprising that companies ranked cash forecasting and fraud prevention as their highest payment priorities. As the landscape shifts, new insights emerge.

In this session, our experts share the recent findings and market trends to inform your organisation's payment strategy and rank against your peers.


Jacqueline Powell, Head of Corporate Communications and Content, Bottomline

James Richardson, Commercial Director, Global Corporate Solutions, Bottomline

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