There is a seismic shift underway in the business payments, security and compliance landscape.

A new attitude to payments security is required, one that considers and protects every element in the business payment lifecycle.

Business payment fraud and security risks are evolving rapidly and can be difficult to detect. Only by using the latest best practice approach, technologies and expertise in payments, cybersecurity and risk management can you safeguard your business.

Download the brochure to learn how Bottomline’s all-encompassing PTX Secure Business Payments will help you to:

Protect your business across the payments lifecycle

Secure your customer and business payment data against tampering

Leverage intelligent transaction analysis for proactive business payment security

Benefit from enhanced internal fraud prevention and detection by effectively segregating user permissions

Security standards that were previously sufficient are becoming outdated and unacceptable to auditors and regulators, so it is vital that you work with a payments and technology partner that understands the dynamic landscape and leads the way with secure and robust payment solutions.

Organisations need to take action now to review and enhance the strength of their payment security and processes as the impact of not doing so can have severe and damaging consequences.

Download the brochure and talk to Bottomline today to get started with your business payment security strategy.


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