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Interactive Forms: Paper or Electronic Forms?

Which is best for your business?

Despite the many alternative ways of capturing and relaying information, paper forms remain a staple of both our business and private lives.

However, new technology such as interactive forms offered via Acroforms software are fast becoming regarded as essential instruments in the standardisation of information capture and electronic form data entry.

The ability to create Acroforms can offer many advantages over traditional paper forms for both those filling in the forms “The Filler(s)” and the organisation processing the forms “The Processor(s)”.

Choosing to automate electronic forms can significantly:

  • Provide a better user experience
  • Improve processing times
  • Cuts costs and reduce errors
  • Enhance data visibility

As technology advances, it is inevitable that the use of paper based forms will decline.

Read Paper or Electronic Forms? to learn some of the leading factors and considerations which will influence the transition from traditional paper forms to electronic form data entry and capture.

Removing paper from processes improved productivity by 200%.

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