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Multi-Factor Authentication for secure payments

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Securing your payments automation via passwords alone can be a challenge. Passwords can be written down by users, stolen, guessed, or even hacked.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides a second layer of security to ensure your accounts stay safe, even if someone else guesses or knows your password. Now a standard feature of Bottomline’s market-leading PT-X hosted payments platform, download our MFA FAQ guide to learn:

  • What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Why you need MFA for secure payments
  • How MFA protects you against payment fraud
  • Which MFA options available in PT-X are the best fit for your payments security.

Multi-Factor Authentication will help your business securely manage the authorised personnel accessing your payments automation system.

To find out more about MFA, how it works and why you need to use it, download our free FAQ guide.

Multi-Factor Authentication helps to ensure only authorised personnel are accessing your system.

78% of fraud losses are actually committed internally by employees, with only a small minority coming from external deception or hacking. Secure your payment processes

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