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Payments and Cash Lifecycle Management


Operating in a global market can present significant opportunities for businesses, but expansion and growth can also result in added complexities and risks. Trading in different currencies and processing payments across multiple global systems with various banking partners can be costly and time consuming.

An international drive towards real-time payments can present further implementation challenges, but maintaining a fragmented payments infrastructure carries heavy overheads and puts an organization at risk for human error and fraud.

The Bottomline Payments and Cash Management solution is a comprehensive end-to-end payments solution, incorporating a full range of cash lifecycle activities including:

  • Global multi-bank connectivity
  • A Payments Factory system to initiate, manage and monitor all payments
  • Powerful cash and liquidity management tools
  • Market-leading compliance assurance and risk management solutions

Relied upon daily by some of the world’s largest corporates, read on to learn how Bottomline's award-winning solutions deliver unrivaled payments and cash management control.

A payment factory can help to raise efficiency, improve control over funds, mitigate risk and increase visibility. Discover how

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Cash Management: Practical Pointers for a Smooth Implementation

Download the Practical Pointers for a Smooth Implementation infographic and let us take you step-by-step through the implementation process from planning your cash management through to successful execution.

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5 Best Practices for Improving Payments & Cash Management

Inefficiencies in payment processing and cash management can make the difference between a company’s success and failure. Here, we examine 5 best practices for improving your payments and cash management.

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