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Customer Success Story

Avnet – Replacing Over 1 Million Paper Invoices With E-Invoicing Technology


Fortune 500 company Avnet is one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic parts, enterprise computing, storage products and embedded subsystems. Serving over 10,000 customers and 300 suppliers, Avnet EM EMEA generate over 1.3 million outbound invoices and process over 750,000 inbound invoices each year.

Needing an efficient, more streamlined approach to invoice processing, Avnet opted for Bottomline’s Transform electronic invoicing solution. Scanning inbound invoices electronically, supplier information is sent directly to Avnet’s SAP system, and by incorporating outbound invoicing, Bottomline’s Transform replaced 1.3 million paper invoices with an automated e-invoicing format.

Download the case study to discover how by implementing Bottomline’s Transform e-invoicing solution Avnet has benefited from:

  • Inbound invoice processing cost cut by almost 90%
  • An increased rate of payment from electronic invoicing
  • Errors that are highlighted quickly, enabling remedial action to be taken
  • Savings on administration time, cutting paper documents with more efficient e-invoicing

By implementing electronic invoicing with Transform, Avnet has seen the cost of processing inbound invoices drop from 6.50 Euro to just 0.76 Euro. Find out how you can benefit from e-invoicing with Transform today.

Find out how you can save money and benefit from e-invoicing with Transform today

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