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Customer Success Story

International Bank Secures Payments and Reduces Investigation Time with Sophisticated Fraud Prevention Platform


From a customer’s standpoint, a bank’s reputational status is not necessarily based on due process but on perception. Once a bank makes it into a damaging headline it has a long road to travel until it can regain its good-standing, if at all.

By nature, banks are a prime target of cyber fraudsters looking to intercept all types of financial transactions including payments, deposits and withdrawls.

So what can a bank do to protect itself? The best move a bank can make to combat ever-sophisticated fraudsters is to align themselves with an expert payment fraud prevention partner.

Find out how one bank took a giant step towards protecting its customers’ assets and its reputation.

A high rate of alerts that are closed automatically is particularly important to the Bank. This adds another level of customer confidence and frees up investigator resources for more serious and credible threats flagged by the system.

International Bank Secures Payments and Reduces Investigation Time with Sophisticated Fraud Prevention Platform​​​​​​

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Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management enables financial institutions to reduce risk, prevent fraud, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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