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Automated Duplicate Payments Checking & Prevention

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The administration cost and time spent recovering from duplicate payments transmissions is considerable. In addition to the reconciliation issues that it creates, the transmission of duplicate payments has an immediate impact on the reputation of the sender.

Automated Duplicate Checking from Bottomline Technologies offers key business personnel with the ability to manage potential duplicate financial messages before they are released for payment. Download the guide to discover how to:

  • Control your payments workflow and customise approval levels
  • Access payment information immediately, which can be leveraged for auditing purposes
  • Identify potential duplicate payments that require further action
  • Benefit from user-friendly and intuitive duplicate payment prevention

With full audit capabilities and configuration options, you can detect and prevent duplicate payments quick and easily with automated duplicate checking. Download our industry-leading solutions guide to get started.

Duplicate Checking offers key business personnel with the ability to manage potential duplicate messages before they are released for payment

73% of financial risk management professionals report that their organisations experienced attempted or actual payment fraud in 2016.
Learn what you can do to win the fight

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SWIFT CSP: How to use it for an unfair business advantage

Download our guide to SWIFT CSP to learn how to turn the 27 mandatory and advisory controls into prime opportunities to seize the competitive advantage your peers don’t even realise is available to them.

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Understanding SWIFT CSP

After a high-profile series of attacks against a number of organizations last year, SWIFT has set up a SWIFT CSP (Customer Security Program) for further payment fraud prevention. The CSP contains a laundry list of controls, some of which are mandatory, some advisory, along with multiple deadlines.

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