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FastPay: Providing Direct Access to Faster Payments

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Since its launch in 2008, the Faster Payments Service has become a natural fit for today’s demanding consumer and business lifestyles.

Any bank seeking fast and low-cost access to Faster Payments will be looking to remove the prohibitively high gateway costs and the operational and audit challenges of providing an ‘always available’ service.

FastPay is an addition to Bottomline’s portfolio of comprehensive payment network connectivity solutions for BACS, SWIFT and SEPA, providing a universal payment aggregator platform covering all payment types.

Download the guide to discover how Fastpay can:

  • Simplify access and lower costs to the Faster Payments Service
  • Meet increasing customer demands for real-time payments network connectivity with a complete end-to-end solution
  • Fully integrated aggregated service with access to other payment types

FastPay is a fully integrated payments network tool providing banks with the reliability and quality assurance they demand. Download the guide to discover how this universal payment aggregator will provide you with the ability to select the most efficient and cost-effective payment option.

FastPay is a fully integrated service within the proven universal payment aggregator - providing banks with the reliability and quality assurance they demand.

Looking for an agnostic and seamless connection to a wide range of financial messaging networks? Discover how

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SWIFT gpi: Important information

Bottomline’s SWIFT global payments solutions support the transmission of the enhanced MT messaging, and provide full access and support for to SWIFT gpi tracking functionalities. Download the guide to get started with SWIFT gpi.


Bottomline Universal Aggregator

Bottomline Universal Aggregator offers banks, financial institutions and corporates a competitive advantage from their payments network connectivity, lowering operational costs, ensuring compliance and delivering enhanced risk mitigation. Download our global payments api guide to get started.

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