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Making Direct Debit Collections Smart, Simple and Secure


With nearly 90% of adults paying at least one bill each month via Direct Debit collection, organisations need a smart, seamless and cost-effective approach for managing recurring payments.

However, the process of capturing a new customer’s details and the on-going administration of Direct Debit collection is complex and requires time and effort from finance and IT teams in order to achieve maximum benefit.

Bottomline’s PT-X CloudDD solution will enable your business or organisation to manage Direct Debits safely, securely and without the complexities on-boarding can incur.

By implementing PT-X CloudDD Direct Debit collection you can benefit from:
  • Optimised and consistent experience across all channels including mobile, desktop and telephone
  • Bank account and customer verification in real-time, reducing costly errors and ensuring compliance
  • Operational responsiveness and agility from a scalable, always-compliant solution
  • Smarter reporting and audit trails, providing full visibility of all transactions and fostering complete cash flow control.

As the industry leader in automated payment collection, Bottomline manages over 1 billion Direct Debits every year. Access our guide to discover how Bottomline PT-X CloudDD can help you manage Direct Debits and support your organisation’s growth.

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there’s an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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Customer Success Story

Kids Allowed make Direct Debit Management child's play

Taking 1,200 monthly Direct Debits had become worrying thanks to unexpected failures and they found it difficult to make necessary changes identified in ADDACS reports provided by Bacs.


Collect Direct Debit Payments with PT-X CloudDD

Direct Debit collection can be complicated. Customer on-boarding can involve complex, manual sign-up, background checks, fulfillment communication and management – all while maintaining a personal service for each customer.

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