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PT-X Onboarding - Direct Debit Management streamlined


As every business knows, Direct Debits are the low cost and most effective method of automatically collecting payments from customers. But the process of capturing new customer data and on-going administration and Direct Debit management requires time and effort in order to achieve maximum benefit.

PT-X Onboarding, part of Bottomline’s Bacs-approved software suite, is offered as a fully outsourced Direct Debit management service or as hosted capture screens that integrate with other Direct Debit management systems.

Download the guide to PT-X Onboarding to learn how Bottomline’s Bacs-approved software for Direct Debit management can help you to:

  • Remove paper from the application process and increase your acquisition rates
  • Faster identify invalid accounts, reducing unpaid Direct Debits
  • Speed up the time to lodge mandates and collect payments
  • Minimise overheads of managing the Direct Debit lifecycle
  • Automate reporting and reconciliation for operational efficiency

Eliminate costly errors associated with onboarding customers for Direct Debit management with PT-X Bacs-approved software, supporting you with full compliance with the Bacs Direct Debit scheme.

PT-X Onboarding is part of the Related Products: PT-X Payments and Business Solutions Suite and can be used to complement your Direct Debit process.

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there's an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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Bacs-approved Direct Debit Management from PT-X

Part of the PT-X Payments and Business Solutions Suite, PT-X Direct Debit Management ensures your business complete control when processing Direct Debits, with fully Bacs-approved compliant payments software as standard.

Customer Success Story

Kids Allowed make Direct Debit Management child's play

Taking 1,200 monthly Direct Debits had become worrying thanks to unexpected failures and they found it difficult to make necessary changes identified in ADDACS reports provided by Bacs.

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