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Secure Bacs-approved bureau payments in the cloud - PT-X


Submit payments quickly and securely with PT-X - for Bacs approved bureau payment and collections management. Developed specifically for Bacs Approved Direct Debit bureau and Internal Bacs Bureaux, PT-X for Bureaux offers the most efficient, secure solution for direct and indirect payment submissions.

Process large, complex, batch payment and collection files from any location using PT-X’s secure, cloud-based Direct Debit bureau technology to give your business increased mobility and flexibility when processing payroll and supplier payments or managing Direct Debit collections.

PT-X for Bureaux easily integrates with all mainstream accounting, payroll and ERP systems for:

  • Cost reduction - by reducing your capital expenditure and operational overheads, PT-X offers a cost-effective alternative to installed software
  • Greater visibility - with complete control over your direct debit bureau payments and cash flow
  • Minimising risk with security features - such as multi-user permissions and file encryption
  • Robust disaster recovery with failover capabilities - providing a safe, secure Bacs-approved bureau environment.

Find out how Bottomline’s PT-X for Bureaux can help your business save time, effort and deliver more visibility and control within the cloud

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there's an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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Customer Success Story

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics drive secure payment processing with PT-X

Seeking secure payments processing for paying both suppliers and employees electronically, Hellmann saved time and cut IT hardware and support requirements with Bottomline’s PT-X cloud payments solution.


PT-X Remit - Efficiently create, print and email remittance advices alongside payments

Reconcile payments effortlessly with PT-X Remit, part of the PT-X Payments platform from Bottomline Technologies - developed for organisations that want to create and email advices in full alignment with their Bacs or Faster Payments.

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