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SWIFT Compliance & Payment Fraud Protection

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Increasing threats of payment fraud has resulted in a new set of SWIFT security controls, known as the SWIFT Customer Security Programme or CSP. The SWIFT CSP establishes a set of mandatory and advisory controls to act as a security foundation for the SWIFT community.

As a global leader for nearly three decades in processing business payments, Bottomline Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer solutions that not only help to achieve SWIFT compliance; but also support a longer term fraud strategy.

Download our data sheet to learn how we can help you:

- Identify SWIFT payment security threats in real-time
- Detect a wide array of threats
- Reduce investigation time
- Enable SWIFT compliance and readiness for SWIFT security guideline audits

Galvanise your SWIFT compliance in defending your company against future payment fraud threats.

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there’s an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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