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User Behaviour Monitoring

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Cyber threats are increasingly aggressive, complex, and frequent. 78% of cyber fraud is committed by authorised users ("malicious insiders") or by external parties that hijack an authorised user’s profile and access – but without sufficient user behaviour monitoring, organisations are missing a critical layer of insider threat management.

Bottomline’s User Behaviour Monitoring solution will help you shift away from reactive transaction tracking to proactive user behaviour analytics to preempt crime, data leakage and theft before it happens.

Download the guide to User Behaviour Monitoring to learn how Bottomline can help you to:

  • Create accountability for insider threat management among authorised users
  • Increase organisational security with central visibility into user behaviour across all sensitive applications
  • Act on suspicious user behaviour as it occurs, rather than reacting after crimes and fraud have been perpetrated
  • Easily deploy user behaviour analytics across complex environments.

Reduce fraud losses by improving your system’s performance and availability with complete user audit trails and privacy protection. Download our guide to learn how user behaviour monitoring is the best insider threat management solution for you.

Bottomline's User Behaviour Monitoring solution records the activity of all users by sniffing the network traffic between the end users and the main servers. The system analyses the captured traffic in real-time and reconstructs full user sessions, allowing for screen-by-screen replay and behaviour.

78% of cyber fraud is committed by authorised users ("malicious insiders") or by external parties that hijack an authorised user’s profile and access.

73% of financial risk management professionals report that their organisations experienced attempted or actual payment fraud in 2016.
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