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Payment Fraud Prevention - A free guide to preventing fraud

Learn how to prevent payment fraud

75% of companies were victim to an incident of payment fraud during 2015/16 – are your internal payment processes able to prevent payment fraud?

From payee set-up to your payment approval and submission processes, there are a number of accessible best practice solutions to help you on the path to prevent payment fraud for your organisation.

Download the Payment Fraud Prevention Checklist to help you identify:

  • Payment fraud threats within your current payment processes
  • Best practices for payment fraud prevention
  • Tools such as multi-factor authentication and real-time monitoring that can help prevent payment fraud
  • Actionable steps for designing a payment fraud prevention strategy for your organisation

The costs of internal fraud go way beyond the sums involved in the action itself, so leverage our handy Payment Fraud Prevention Checklist to discover how you can prevent your company from becoming yet another crime statistic.

Your essential payment fraud prevention checklist. Fact. Incidents of invoice fraud increased by 71% during 2014/2015. Fact: 75% of companies have fallen victim to a fraud incident during 2015/16.

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there’s an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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Payment Fraud: The Two-Faced Threat

One in five UK businesses has been a victim of fraud, and you could be one of them. In fact, if you were, it could take between 270 and 540 days before you even realised your organisation had lost money (ACFE, 2016). From here, it would take a further three months (on average) to investigate the incident and actually work out how it happened.


PT-X Protect: Protecting Your Payments & Mitigating the Risk of Fraud and Error

As part of the PT-X® Payments and Business Solutions Suite, PT-X Protect helps to facilitate an organisation’s payments best practice. By focusing on proactive detection and prevention, payments can be analysed for indicators of potential fraud or errors.

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