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Payment Fraud Protection: Face up to the challenge

According to CIMA, organisations lose up to 7% of their annual revenues to fraudulent activity, and with the risk of payment fraud posing a serious threat to your business, are you prepared to face up to the challenge?

To detect payment fraud, you don’t need private investigators or complex surveillance. Three out of four cases involve the exploitation of weak internal controls, with asset misappropriation highlighted as the most commonly reported payment fraud in 2016.

Payment Fraud Protection: Face up to the challenge helps you to uncover the truth behind headlines, highlighting:

  • How at risk your business might be to payment fraud
  • How to implement ways to detect payment fraud
  • Simple, actionable strategies for payment fraud protection

Uncover the truth behind your vulnerability to payment fraud by downloading Payment Fraud Protection: Face up to the challenge.

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there’s an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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Internal fraud: Can you identify it?

Do you think any of your employees or colleagues could commit internal finance fraud? If not, why not? No fraudster goes round with a big badge on their lapel. In fact, 84% of staff have the opportunity to commit internal fraud. You can’t afford to ignore the danger signs any longer...


Fraud prevention: It’s easy to be complacent.

Many companies believe they’re safe and have adequate safeguards in place, with enough fraud prevention processes to keep fraud at bay. But with 35% of organisations falling victim to some form of economic crime in the last 24 months, they are either suffering from denial, or delusion.

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