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Everything you need to know about the New Payments Architecture (NPA)

The way businesses and banks pay and get paid is changing rapidly. The New Payments Architecture will affect bacs payments and Direct Debits, the way everyone had known it for the last decade. 

With NPA having so much of a change on the payments landscape it is vital to be in the know in advance. This episode on the Payments Podcast features to Marcus Hughes, head of strategic business development explaining the exact impact NPA is set to have.

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Navigating your way through the payment landscape

Open Banking, PSD2, ISO200022, SWIFT gpi, Request to pay, Enhanced data, Confirmation of payee, Payment status – what do all these mean, and more importantly how can they give your company a strategic advantage?

White Paper

How Banks Can Create Winning Propositions

Open Banking and PSD2 are already having a major influence on the banking and payments industry, not just in the UK and Europe, but around the world. The purpose of this white paper is to offer banks/payment service providers guidance on what they need to do in order to respond to the opportunities and threats presented by new regulations such as Open Banking and PSD2.

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