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The Payment Trends You Might Have Missed

It’s such a complicated time in the payment industry, with a minefield of regulation, innovation, collaboration and fraud prevention. You can be forgiven if you’re not up to date with every current payment trend. 

This episode on the Payments Podcast will go over the most important payment trends to track over the next few years to ensure that even if you’re not up to date with every trend, you will be for the ones that will matter to your organisation.

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Research Report

2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Report

For the 4th year running, Strategic Treasurer and Bottomline Technologies have partnered to develop a comprehensive market research initiative covering the realm of treasury fraud and controls. This year, our research has uncovered vital insights related to the fraud environment.


Business Payment Trends - Is your organisation ahead or behind?

It’s important for any organisation to not fall behind. This episode looks at the trends in business payments for 2018/19 and how to make the most of knowing what other organisations are worrying about or investing in.

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