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Why do my Direct Debit collections fail? Guidance for businesses collecting Direct Debits

Direct Debit is the simplest way for organisations to collect regular or occasional payments from their customers but is it always that easy?

This episode on the Payments Podcast is part two of our series on Direct Debits with Andrew Strickland, an accredited Bacs trainer with over 10 years' experience in Direct Debit training. This episode specifically discusses how to make sure your organisation is compliant with the scheme rules, the benefits going paperless can bring, why Direct Debits fail and how Indemnity claims can be prevented.

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Direct Debit - The how, what and why for businesses

Did you know nearly 90% of adults pay at least one bill each month using Direct Debit? Yet many businesses of all sizes remain unsure of how they should be using it or when for their collections.

Customer Success Story

Elexon increases Direct Debit collection by 40%

ELEXON are trusted, independent and reliable market experts that compare how much electricity generators and suppliers say they will produce or consume with actual volumes. It works out a price for the difference and transfers funds.

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