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5 Ways for Banks to Stay Ahead of Cyber Fraud Sophistication

From the moment that financial information became digitised, there have been people trying to manipulate data for personal and financial gain. As technology revolutionised the way banks conduct business, cybercriminals have continued to breach payment security measures.

With 70% of companies targeted for business fraud, the number of threats to payment security increases, and so does the cost of an attack.

Download 5 Ways for Banks to Stay Ahead of Cyber Fraud Sophistication to discover banking best practice on:

  • Using in-depth dynamic defences to protect your bank against payment fraud
  • Expanding the use of behaviour monitoring and analytics in your payment security programme
  • Recognising and addressing insider threats and their by-products
  • Embracing data visualisation to speed payment security and fraud investigations
  • Educating banking employees and third-party vendors on effective security measures

The stakes have never been higher for banks and financial institutions when it comes to protecting customer and data. Customers are more aware than ever before about the risks of payment fraud, and if they find their bank isn’t protecting them, they aren’t afraid to find a bank that will.

There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be. And even they are converging into one category: companies that have been hacked and will be hacked again.

73% of financial risk management professionals report that their organisations experienced attempted or actual payment fraud in 2016.
Learn what you can do to win the fight

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White Paper

SWIFT CSP: How to use it for an unfair business advantage

Download our guide to SWIFT CSP to learn how to turn the 27 mandatory and advisory controls into prime opportunities to seize the competitive advantage your peers don’t even realise is available to them.

White Paper

Understanding SWIFT CSP

After a high-profile series of attacks against a number of organizations last year, SWIFT has set up a SWIFT CSP (Customer Security Program) for further payment fraud prevention. The CSP contains a laundry list of controls, some of which are mandatory, some advisory, along with multiple deadlines.

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