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White Paper

GDPR Document Management Compliance with Transform

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in effect from 25th May 2018, secure document management processing is vital to the implementation of best practice data protection measures.

But there are no shortcuts to GDPR compliance, and there is much more an organisation has to do to ensure compliance from document management for GDPR.

Download the best practice whitepaper Transform GDPR Considerations to discover how to:

  • Drive greater operational efficiency with document and data management for GDPR
  • Create a better customer experience from your GDPR compliance
  • Implement new approaches to document management for GDPR
  • Turn new GDPR document management processes into competitive advantage

It’s time to examine how modern document management tools can be leveraged to turn the challenge of GDPR compliance into an opportunity for business growth. Download the white paper to unlock the prospects from your document management for GDPR.

Does your software support GDPR compliance measures?

Automate your financial document processes for improved efficiency with Transform. Find out more

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The lifeblood of any organisation, documents are the essential means for consuming, storing and communicating information. Is your document management GDPR compliant?


Transform 7.0 Document Management & Automation

Bridge the gap between ERP reporting, document management and design; and your organisation’s document capture, storage and workflow requirements with Bottomline’s intelligent and secure Transform document automation solution.

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