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Payment Fraud: The Two-Faced Threat

Despite the severity of both external and internal payment fraud threats, many organisations choose to focus on external prevention, often overlooking the risk from within. In fact, payment fraud occurs in many guises and all pose a serious threat to your organisation.

Payment Fraud: The Two-Faced Threat outlines high profile examples of external and internal payment fraud that have hit the headlines in recent times, with actionable solutions to help you prevent your own payment fraud breaches. Learn how to

  • Understand the implications of both external and internal payment fraud
  • Identify the measures to prevent internal fraud such as CEO fraud, invoice fraud and asset misappropriation
  • Manage and minimise the serious repercussions of payment fraud in your business.

Download Payment Fraud: The Two-Faced Threat to learn how to recognize external and internal payment fraud threats understand how a proactive payment fraud strategy encompassing, people, processes and technology can help keep your business out of headline news.

Which of the following does your company feel most threatened or concerned by when it comes to processing business payments? 12% Internal Fraud, 77% External Fraud and 11% No Risk

Cash is the lifeblood of any organisation. Whether you need to pay or collect, there’s an easy way to do both with PT-X.

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Payment Fraud Prevention - A free guide to preventing fraud

Best practice dictates that 100% of your transactions need to be reviewed before they go out of the door. If you’re assessing your internal payment processes against best practice, then here are the critical points you need to consider.


PT-X Protect: Protecting Your Payments & Mitigating the Risk of Fraud and Error

As part of the PT-X® Payments and Business Solutions Suite, PT-X Protect helps to facilitate an organisation’s payments best practice. By focusing on proactive detection and prevention, payments can be analysed for indicators of potential fraud or errors.

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