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Enabling quick and easy payment submissions, PTX is a cloud-based Bacs and Faster Payments solution that securely manages payments and Direct Debit collections for Bacs Approved and Internal Bacs Bureau.

Offering quick, easy, secure automated direct and indirect payment submissions, PTX:

Easily manages the data and submissions associated with multiple customer files

Verifies, authorises and submits both customer and bureau files

Automatically downloads customer reports, including transactional reporting to support customer billing

Reduces operational costs by eliminating the need for installed software


Offers anywhere, anytime accessibility and flexibility

Delivers operational automation, efficiency and lights-out processing capabilities

Delivers peace of mind with failsafe switchover for business continuity

PTX offers bureau the ability to process batched payment and collection files from any location using secure, cloud-based technology, giving you increased mobility and flexibility when processing payroll and supplier payments or managing Direct Debit (DD) collections on behalf of your clients.


PTX - feature rich, cloud-based offering:

Bacs approved software: Bacs Direct Credits, Direct Debits, Faster Payments, HMRC RTI

Secure multi-device, multibrowser and multi-user access with Smart Card and HSM / lights out processing support

Intuitive and user-friendly interface, with industry leading compliance for the visually impaired

Bank account validation

Direct Debit Management

Developed to optimise speed when processing large, complex files, PTX:

Scales with your business

Is resilient and always available

Offers complete visibility and control

Is accessible anytime, anywhere

Secure and compliant

Delivers fast and simple processing

Reduce operational costs

PTX eliminates the need for on premise software and infrastructure, negating the upfront cost incurred to the bureau, or in turn to your customer, for software installations, the ongoing cost of upgrades, maintenance fees or on-site security updates.

By reducing your capital expenditure and operational overheads, PTX offers a cost effective alternative to installed software, for bureau of all sizes, complexities and environments.

Offering flexibility and accessibility

PTX gives you the ability to view, process and approve both the bureau and customer payments from anywhere at any time and from multiple devices; offering greater visibility and control over your payments and cash flow.

Minimise risk and sustained security

Ensure your payments and collections get to the right place at the right time in the most secure and cost-effective way, with PTX security features such as multi-user permissions and limits, specified levels of authorisation and workflow control and PKI file encryption.

Improve operational efficiency

Through our APIs and sophisticated file mapping, PTX easily integrates with all mainstream accounting; payroll and ERP systems, helping bureau to fully automate the process of making and receiving payments on behalf of others.

Focused on supporting bureau, PTX encompasses scheduling to facilitate automation, workflow to manage user interaction at an appropriate time, notifications to progress payments through the workflow and user segregation to preserve client confidentiality and security.

Submit files to Bacs

Reformat, validate, and combine external or internal customer data from multiple formats into a single bureau file removing the need for bespoke development in your systems, or expecting your customers to customise their output to match a required format.

Reformat and validate pre-built multi-user bureau files for Submission to Bacs over Bacstel-IP or to the DCA service over Secure-IP for Faster Payments.

Secure cloud-based bureau payments diagram image 2.jpg

Bacs and DCA Report Collection

In a single sweep, bureau can download Bacs or Direct Corporate Access (for Faster Payments) input, failure, or amendment reports in all available formats on behalf of all of your customers, saving time, effort and delivering more visibility and control. Furthermore it helps to keep your customers aware of submission failures, changes required to sort code and account number data at source, ensuring they remain compliant with Bacs Direct Credit or Direct Debit scheme rules.

Disaster Recovery for Bureau

Offering robust failover capabilities, PTX serves as the perfect DR solution and can sit aside an installed instance of your Bureau software. By adding your customer Service User Numbers to our Bureau number or by setting up a Bureau application on PTX using your own Bureau Number, we can simply submit your customer data if you can’t. If you and your customers are sponsored by a bank that offers and supports Faster Payments Direct Corporate Access, PTX can also offer a same day payment alternative to Bacs.


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