Pain points associated with on-premise models, compiled from detailed feedback from our Bottomline customers include;

BT data representation 20

Increased infrastructure costs

the physical hardware and the skills to maintain and support new infrastructure are a constant burden and difficult to scale

BT personnel 141

Reliance on in-house expertise

and associated staffing costs are impacting speed-to-market, strategic planning and in turn the overall business case

BT currency & payments 98

Project and staffing costs

for the management of patches and upgrades are hard to predict and impact business continuity

BT documentation & messaging 62

Costly and time consuming to remain up-to-date with SWIFT mandates

when banks & FIs already have very busy road-maps and deadlines are tight

BT security fraud & risk 157

Difficulty in integrating

with other back-end systems as legacy systems are often siloed and lacking a unified API to link them

Why migrate to the Bottomline Service Bureau?

Leverage increased reach, reduce cost and improve efficiency - Bottomline’s Universal Aggregator IQ solution delivers a single API enabled SaaS platform for payments, securities and messaging

Minimise disruption & ensure business continuity with a seamless integration into current infrastructures

Benefit from flexible message routing between multiple payment networks, simplifying payments management

Achieve connectivity to SWIFTNET via Gold Connectivity which adopts leased lines for both primary and secondary systems

Guarantee compliance with technical and regulatory requirements, including the SWIFT CSP

Simplify processes & mitigate fraud with value added services such as sanctions screening, payment fraud detection and reconciliation solutions that are embedded in our solutions

Overcome difficulties when onboarding as a SWIFT member – Bottomline is a trusted SWIFT supplier who manages 15% of all global SWIFT traffic and represents 3 of the top SWIFT bureaus worldwide

Benefit from personalised 1:1 support delivered by a dedicated client care manager

Receive added reassurance with a 24/7 helpdesk that is managed by a team of SWIFT experts

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