Innovative treasury management capabilities

Regardless of company size, TreasuryXpress give treasurers a scalable, comprehensive, real-time view of their cash — across geography, currency, asset class and more. Our digitally native UX allows users to easily organise, visualise and reconcile key financial data required to make real-time, informed liquidity and cash decisions that move the company forward.

With rapid and cost-effective implementation times, TreasuryXpress is putting an end to “treasury blind-spots” by taking treasury teams beyond the boundaries of spreadsheets and legacy TMS solutions.

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The challenges TreasuryXpress can help your business overcome

Built for speed, efficiency and scalability, the Bottomline TreasuryXpress on-demand TMS model significantly eliminates manual processes and improves control throughout all stages of treasury management that most treasury teams face daily.

BT legal 104

High bank statement volumes

Manually compiling large volumes of bank statements

BT data representation 36

Important financial reporting

Inability running and delivering timely financial reports to key stakeholders

BT action 88

Making difficult financial decisions

Difficulty making financial decisions due to visibility issues across cash, debt and all liquidity sources

BT process & representation 127

Accurate cash positions and forecasting

Accurately creating cash positions and forecasts due to manual data processes

Optimised daily treasury operations

Automates transactional bank data gathering and consolidation

Enables real-time cash positioning across all accounts, banks, businesses, countries and more

Facilitates flexible custom reporting by consolidated cash position(s)

Manages all types of operations including deposits, Money Market deals, loans, Forex, facilities, and trade finance

Cash flow forecasting quality assurance

Leverages and analyses multiple forecasting scenarios

Integrates easily with 3rd party systems to ensures cash flow data quality

Provides complete user audit trails and controls

Customises forecast views by day, week, month, quarter and more

Liquidity management and cash utilisation

Provides comprehensive visibility into all areas of liquidity and cash

Enables liquidity decision making

Streamlines liquidity management with access to all instruments and balances in one central repository 

Payments management and security

Simplifies and automates the payment workflow for both domestic and cross-border payments

Ensures proper transaction execution according to specific business rules

Mitigates payment risk exposures with electronic signature workflows, virtual tokens, full audit trails and matching capabilities for every transaction

Financial deal (investment and debt) management

Tracks short-term and long-term investment and debt instruments including MMFs, time deposits, fixed and floating rate debt and intercompany loans

Calculates interest accruals and track liquidity to improve forecasting and reduce missed payments

Tracks FX spots, forwards and swaps to gain a full view of your foreign currency exposure.

Bank fee analysis

Auto-loads and compares monthly bank fee statements against negotiated fee schedules.

Compares and analyzes current month charges with the prior month and the same month for the prior year to ensure validity

Accepts EDI822 and CAMT 086 file formats; statements may also be bulk uploaded for input and analysis

Bank connectivity and bank account management

Connects and centralizes information from more than 10,000 bank accounts to directly access account data (SFTP, API, SWIFT, PLAID and more)

Transacts and communicates with any bank regardless of location and size with our digital, multi-format conversion engine

Rationalizes bank communications through a multi-format conversion engine

Supports all aspects of bank account management from account open/close to signatory and document management

In-house banking

Simplifies bank account structures and control liquidity, bank fees and foreign exchange costs

Updates cash pools and intercompany relationships in real-time

Automatically calculates and applies interest-based on user-defined rules

Cash accounting

Automates the creation of cash entries for bank transactions

Integrates with any ERP system to automatically send and book entries in any format

Automatically determines entries on both the cash and offset sides of income and expenses through user-defined rules

The difference for treasurers

Powered by sustainable, digital Cloud technology, the Bottomline TreasuryXpress on-demand treasury management software solution is characterised by a frequent and controlled Agile development methodology, immediate logon access for clients, short implementation times, responsive performance and digital integrations and connectivity.

Our innovation strategy is to continue to build treasury management solutions that digitise the full technology lifecycle for treasury teams from implementation, through daily operations and ongoing scalability and integration.

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