The benefits Unicef UK realised after selecting Bottomline include:

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Reduced processing time by 67% with outsourced print and mail services

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Remove the need for expensive post room facilities

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Easy integration with existing systems

Customer overview

Unicef is the world’s leading organisation for children. Unicef works with families, local communities, partners and governments in more than 190 countries to help every child realise their full potential.

The challenge:

Unicef UK’s donations team spent a significant amount of manual time and effort producing their outbound letters. Unicef wanted a solution that could save on production time and cut the high maintenance cost of equipment. Conscious of the time and expenditure accrued in its letter printing processes Unicef UK was eager to explore outsourced print and mail.

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Needing a more efficient process

Unicef UK send over 15,000 outbound letters each month. Relying on the manual in-house process took 1 to 3 hours out of the organisations busy day to complete and posed a heavy reliance on post room equipment.

"The larger the volume, the more likely the equipment was to malfunction."

Unicef UK wanted to save on production time and cut the high maintenance cost of equipment. Bottomline Mail’s significant production volume means that Unicef UK also benefits from the lowest available postal rates from its outsourced print and mail.

Invoice Automation
Time Alert

From chore to just a few clicks

The most prominent transformation Unicef UK saw after employing Bottomline Mail, was the time and effort needed to process their outbound mail.

"Depending on volume, it only takes us 20 minutes to an hour!"

The solution was able to work with the organisations existing office applications, so training and operational impact was minimal.

"It's very easy to use!"

Flexibility created efficiency

Bottomline created Unicef UK its own branded portal for uploading documents to the service. Debbie is able to set up additional users without Bottomline support. This allows other departments to benefit from the streamlined efficiency and move print production away from the departmental office.

Unicef’s UK employees choose from the available templates and print from their computers, this enables the organisation to maintain brand consistency across all printed documentation.

"We generally use a printer driver to send word files directly to Bottomline Mail so with a couple of clicks, we can submit our letters."
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Cash Postition Calculation

Consistent results

Unicef UK has managed to save both money and time. Bottomline’s significant production volume means that Unicef UK are benefiting from the lowest available postal rates.

Unicef UK employees no longer waste time on unnecessary administration and can now focus their efforts and energy on core responsibilities.

Why Bottomline?

"Bottomline Mail has turned a task that used to be a chore within the team into an effortless part of our daily routine."


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