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Executive Brief

Why Your Bank Is Better Off With Fewer Fraud Alerts

As the cost of cybercrime escalates across all industries, banks are suffering the most. In the past six years, the cost of cybercrime in the financial services industry has risen by $8.96 million to $28.33 million a year – more than any other industry.1 This rise in fraud translates into an avalanche of fraud alerts with the potential to inundate and overwhelm banks and their fraud investigators

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White Paper

3 Ways for Banks to Win the Raging Battle Against Cyber Fraud

In today's threat-ridden landscape, there’s no doubt that the banking industry’s approach to cyber fraud detection must evolve to keep pace with sophisticated fraudsters.


Cyber Fraud and Risk Management for Banks

In order to protect both corporate and customer data, decision makers must rethink how they approach fraud detection and overall cyber security. Your financial institution needs complete visibility into user behavior. Without it, you’re missing a critical line of defense.

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