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Business banking growth

Better serve, monetise and grow the high-opportunity small and medium-sized business segment, leveraging a rich set of tools and purpose-built solutions.

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The Challenge

The small and medium business segment is becoming more sophisticated in their banking behaviours and their demand for banking and financial management products is growing. Smaller businesses needs provide banks an opportunity for growth and revenue generation. However, relatively few small business customers are extremely satisfied with their bank and in some cases are moving to third party financial service providers for their needs. Banks have not been able to effectively identify, acquire, and monetise the relevant small business customers and seize this growing opportunity.

Our Solution

Bottomline’s business banking growth solution provides financial institutions insights and tools to make the most of the small and medium business opportunity. State of the art online account opening solutions work on the devices small and medium businesses prefer, thus helping improve application and close rates. Data driven analytical tools allow financial institutions to better understand business customers and then define strategies and marketing campaigns to migrate them onto the right platform, sell relevant products, and solidify the ongoing relationship, ensuring that the financial institution remains the depository of choice among the key segment. Financial management solutions specifically designed for SMBs allow banks to help their customers manage their business performance and save time.

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  • Expand reach to the small and medium business segment with online account opening tools
  • Improve small and medium business fee income by identifying the right customers for commercial migration and cross-sell
  • Purpose-built financial management solutions expand the value banks provide to business customers and improve retention
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  • Online account opening capabilities that leverage mobile functionality and user experience design to make it easy for financial institutions to qualify and acquire applicants for a host of banking services.
  • Targeting and analytics - data and tools that banks can use to identify best customers and relevant products and strategies that would help them seize that opportunity.
  • Financial management solutions tailor-made for SMBs to manage business performance, cash flows, payments and collections.

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