Customer aquisition and growth

Enable consumers or businesses to quickly and easily open accounts - online or via a mobile device - including savings, certificates of deposit, and credit card accounts.

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The Challenge

Customers are increasingly relying on digital channels for their banking needs. Online and mobile channels will soon surpass the branch in importance for the majority of customers. To effectively compete, banks need to provide rich and satisfying online account opening services to serve consumers and businesses through the channels and mediums they desire. According to Barlow Research, almost 50% of small & middle market business online bankers say online account opening is “a top priority or very important (2014 Business Internet Banking Test Drive - Barlow Research).

Our Solution

Bottomline’s customer acquisition and growth solution delivers the simplest online account opening experience on the market. We've spent years studying online applicant usability to develop best practices that lower application abandonment rates. We make the hard stuff easy by providing mobile device capabilities, supporting document uploads, signatures, and funding accounts. With our online account opening solution, customers can open savings, credit card, money market, and CD accounts in real-time using any type of device—smartphones, tablets, and Macs/PCs. Bottomline’s solution lets you cross sell additional products, while not requiring that applicants rekey their information in order to accept your offer.

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  • Transform your website into an additional branch location
  • Lower online application abandonment rates
  • Increase efficiency with an automated end-to-end solution
  • Impress applicants with applications optimised for mobile devices
  • Make targeted cross-sell offers to maximise relationships and revenue
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Mobile Responsive workflow
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  • Mobile responsive workflow - Match your branding with one of our optimised templates, and minimise drop-off with best practice text and layouts that adapt to any screen. Collect and verify email addresses to securely send notifications, and present disclosures at the right application step.
  • My applications portal - Let applicants resume saved applications, check the status of applications, retrieve agreements, upload documents, and view action requests at any time from a personalised applicant portal.
  • Supporting document upload - Allow applicants to upload supporting documents, like a driver’s license or paystub, from a desktop or laptop, or by snapping a photo with a mobile device without ever leaving the application.
  • Integrated electronic signatures - Present fully populated application forms, including disclosures, in an intuitive HTML5 viewer, and let applicants sign electronically on a desktop, or with a fingertip on a mobile device touch screen.
  • Online banking single sign-on - Pre-populate data for applicants who apply from online banking, and allow them to bypass full identity verification.
  • Deposit decisioning and cross sell - Access debit and credit data to decision deposit account applications and generate targeted cross-sell offers.
  • Identity verification and fraud prevention - Check applicant information against OFAC and industry standard fraud monitoring services, and prompt applicants with a set of out-of-wallet-questions to authenticate identity and a BSA/AML quiz.
  • Funding - Let applicants fund accounts by credit or debit, ACH transfer, internal transfer from an existing account, or by cash or check. If desired, set funding limits and verify ACH transfers with challenge deposits.

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Customer Testimonials

"We needed to find a digital solution that, combined with targeted marketing activities, would help us continue to sell business deposits into our core commercial portfolio and drive retail deposit growth."
Tim Mann, IT Administrator, First Farmers Bank & Trust