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Accounts receivable automation

Improve accounts receivable workflow and process efficiencies with capabilities from automated order management to cash collection.

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The Challenge

An ineffective order management and accounts receivable process can have a major impact on your ability to generate, collect, and manage revenue. It can also affect the visibility and control you have across the whole end-to-end process, which can introduce the risk of errors, fraud, inconsistency, and non-compliance.

Our Solution

Our solutions help our customers across the entire accounts receivable process including customer on-boarding, sales order management, document output and customer communication, payment collection and Direct Debit management, and cash application and reconciliation.

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Customer Overview

Virgin Media

White Paper

The Missing Link Between Accounts Receivable and Better Cash Flow

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  • Reduce the end-to-end sales cycle, improve cash flow, and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Remove manually intensive rekeying of data and matching.
  • Avoid expensive bespoke development and workarounds
  • Deliver the visibility, traceability, and control required to improve financial performance, reduce risk, and ensure compliance
  • Improve customer experience by making it easier to do business with your organisation.
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With our solutions you can:

  • Sign up, validate, and verify customer bank accounts
  • Send and approve invoices more efficiently
  • Add digital signatures to e-invoices to ensure authenticity of content
  • Create, design, and deliver consistent financial documents
  • Collect payments and manage Direct Debits
  • Match outbound invoices to inbound payments.
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Customer Testimonials

"We have found that the provision of a clear communication path with the customer or supplier significantly increases the likelihood to achieving payment within term. Any account resolution problems are flagged early, and there is the chance to prevent problems being repeated month on month."
Doug Adams, European Supplier Finance Director, Avnet EM EMEA

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