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Global payments

Automate and manage international wire, multi-currency, and multi-bank payments and gain support for the latest messaging standards including SEPA and SWIFT.

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The Challenge

International payments, driven by the globalisation of the trade and financial supply chains, M&A activities, multiple and disparate systems for managing cash flow, and changes to the demography of corporate bank relationships have become increasingly vital and challenging in today's dynamic corporate environment. Organisations struggle to find the technology they need to successfully manage these payments in a manner that is efficient, affordable, and accurate.

Our Solution

Bottomline's payment hubs support a diverse array of complex global payment types. Designed to facilitate the management of cross-border payments, our payment hubs provide functionality for transfers, multi-currency, and multi-bank payments. Bottomline’s industry expertise keeps clients one step ahead of industry changes through continuous support for the latest electronic payment and messaging standards, including SWIFT, SEPA, NACHA, US and international EDI standards, Fedwire, EDI, EDIFact, and more.

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Customer Overview

Virgin Media

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  • Consolidates and automates all international payments from a single, comprehensive payments hub
  • Supports multiple global payment and remittance standards
  • Mitigates risk via an extensive array of workflow approvals and security controls
  • Supports multiple message standards such as SWIFT and ISO20022
  • Drives increased productivity and efficiency.
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  • Standard portfolio of transaction types for international payments including Bacs, SEPA, Canadian EFT, Australian Direct Entry, Wires, and SWIFT
  • Core infrastructure to reduce time, effort, and cost of supporting new clearing systems
  • Alternative currency display
  • Extensive risk mitigation via checks against ineligible databases including OFAC, FinCen, and SDN lists
  • Proactive management of multiple bank relationships and complex workflows
  • Connectivity to Bottomline's SWIFT Service Bureau
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Bulk payment functionality tied to specific business needs
  • Extensive and flexible payment scheduler.

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