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Payroll payments

Facilitate payroll payments by Bacs and Faster Payment Service, validate and verify employee account details, and produce ePayslips.

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The Challenge

Ensuring that your payroll payment process is on-time, reliable, robust, compliant with HMRC rules, and free from the risk of fraud, is key for any organisation paying its own staff or service providers delivering payroll services for other organisations.

Our Solution

Bottomline's payroll payment solution enables organisations to securely make payments via Bacs and Faster Payments easily and more efficiently. With seamless, easy integration with back office systems, it frees up your time and reduces your risk and exposure to fraud. Our solution also has bank validation and personal verification capabilities, enabling you to confirm the validity and ownership of your customer’s bank details, mitigating accidental and deliberate mistakes to minimise fraud.

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On-Demand Webinar

Optimising Payroll Payments


The Fight Against Fraud. Time for a Rethink?

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  • Improved decision-making and financial planning
  • Reduced time and cost of processing payments and collections
  • Reduced processing errors and rejected or missed payments
  • Improved visibility of cash flow and payments
  • Complete compliance and audit trail visibility, avoiding fines and penalties for getting your payroll wrong or sending it late.
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  • Full Bacstel-IP functionality
  • Approved by Bacs
  • Control over your payments, enabling easier legislation compliance and reducing your exposure to fraud
  • Support of all standard transactions: Direct Credit, Direct Debit, AUDDIS
  • Validation of bank account details (UK and international) at point of capture or in batch
  • Easy integration with existing systems and elimination of data recapture

Customer Testimonials

"We used Bottomline for a number of years because we chose to stay with a company we know and trust to do a good job. They were always there to support and advise us in preparation for our migration to Bacstel-IP and to ensure we never lost track of what we were trying to do."
Pauline Mellors, Accounts Manager, Colony Gift Corporation
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