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Get a feel for PT-X.

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Get a feel for PT-X.

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Get a feel for PT-X.

For customer support and services click here.

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Access my payments from anywhere

PT-X enables you to view, process and approve payments from anytime, anywhere from multiple devices; offering greater visibility and control over your payments and cash flow.

Mitigate the risk of fraud & error

Ensure your payments and collections get to the right place at the right time in the most secure and cost-effective way. PT-X mitigates the risk of your organisation, by alerting you to suspicious activity or data anomalies. It allows you to stop an incorrect or fraudulent payment from being made, averting potential financial or reputational loss.

Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs

As PT-X eliminates the need for on premise software and infrastructure, this negates the upfront cost of software installations or the ongoing cost of upgrades, maintenance fees or on-site security updates.

Pay by Bacs

The Bacs Direct Credit Scheme enables organisations to pay benefits, wages and salaries, as well as supplier payments. PT-X helps to make this process as easy as possible.

Pay by Faster Payments

Use PT-X to make same-day payments for both bureau (indrect) and direct submitters. This may be required to pay agency workers or emergency payments to suppliers.

Control who can authorise payments

No single user should have excessive system access. PT-X offers further internal control mechanisms, comprehensive reporting and audit trails, intended to prevent fraud and error.

Ensure payments are genuine

Confirm the validity and ownership of the person you’re paying before sending a payment. PT-X has powerful capabilities to ensure payments are genuine:

• Validating all first time payments to an account
• Detecting duplicate amounts or beneficiaries in a payment file
• Screening payments against a blacklist

Protect sensitive files

Avoid potential exposure of sensitive payment files through automatic upload as they are produced by your systems. PT-X removes manual processes and adds an additional layer of security.

Add an extra layer of security

To help ensure that only authorised personal are accessing the system, PT-X has an advanced security feature which enables a two-step verification using an Apple or Android app.

Automate the payment process

Remove manual signing steps, and eliminate risks associated with Bank smart cards in your business. Enable full ‘lights out’ processing for highly automated businesses. Through APIs and sophisticated file mapping, PT-X easily integrates with all mainstream accounting; payroll and ERP systems, helping businesses to fully automate the process of making and receiving payments.

Get paid quicker

Reduce the end-to-end sales cycle, improve cash flow and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO).

PT-X offers a complete solution for improving the efficiency of your cash collections, whilst addressing typical issues faced by receivables and credit control teams, such as non-payment, payment delays, regular excuses and repeated late payments from the same customer.

Mitigate the risk of fraud & error in invoice collection

PT-X enables you to perform a wide range of diligence activities to establish creditworthiness and evaluate any potential risks. Validating card and bank account details, as well as, verifying customer identity in real-time, simplifies customer onboarding, whilst minimising risk and fraud, reducing errors, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Alleviate reputational risk in DD collection

Detect duplicates before they are submitted through PT-X advanced approvals workflow.

Collect payments and manage Direct Debits

PT-X allows you to reduce complexity and human error, enable better cash management and improved visibility. It enables full compliance with Bacs Direct Debit scheme rules and offers upfront bank account validation and verification, both of which eliminate costly errors at source, ensuring minimal impact on aged debt.

Collect payments by card

PT-X offers a simple and intuitive online platform for card payments that streamlines cash collection. You can manage one-off credit and debit card payments; set up continuous card authority for recurring collections or take a card deposit with subsequent payments via Direct Debit.

Track and trace invoices

PT-X allows you to securely manage the delivery, storage and presentation of your financial documents. Intelligent analytics give visibility into undelivered and un-actioned invoices that can negatively affect your cash flow.

Sign up, validate and verify customer bank accounts

By fully automating the entire Direct Debit process, from sign up and validation through to collection and rejection handing, PT-X significantly reduces costs and administration.

Outsource printing and postage of invoices

PT-X offers a flexible and efficient outsourced printing and postage service, cost savings and efficiency improvements. Well suited to organisations that have regulatory requirements, allowing businesses to:

• Rapidly create and fulfill printing and distribution requirements
• Achieve significant cost savings by minimising time and effort needed
• Easily access documents from a comprehensive online storage facility

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