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Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Get a feel for PTX.

For customer support and services click here.

Paperless Direct Debit Capture

Add paperless Direct Debit to your site, allowing your customers to pay by Direct Debit with ease.

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Integrates with your existing checkout experience

With a fully-branded Direct Debit payment form integrated into your site. It’s quick, intuitive and keeps your customers engaged throughout.

PTX is updated automatically to ensure you are always compliant with the rules and requirements of accepting Direct Debit.

Increase customer acquisition

Customers increasingly prefer the convenience of setting up payments online, with a growing shift to paperless Direct Debit.

PTX ensures the highest possible completion and customer acquisition rates.

Offer a consistent user experience

Whether it’s mobile, on the web or in a call centre, Bottomline PTX gives users an optimised and consistent experience across all channels, seamlessly integrating with any existing systems within your organisation.

Reduce errors

Failed payments are costly, which is why PTX verifies and validates bank account and customer details at the point of sign up to ensure you always know who you’re collecting from.

Crisis collect Debit Debits securely and efficiently with Bottomline PTX

"We claim Direct Debits from donor bank accounts on the 1st, 15th and 30th of each month. The finance team do the generation of the payment file from Raiser's Edge and then upload it into PTX. Finance finds it really straightforward. The PTX interface lends itself well to this kind of process with just a few clicks. It's a quick and easy interface to use"
Mark Palfrey Database Operations Manager | Crisis

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Powerful Bank Validation and Verification

Stop wasting valuable resources due to out of date and incorrectly entered bank data: get it right first time.

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