Smart Banks Can Win in Small Business

Presented by Bottomline and Ron Shevlin, of Cornerstone Advisors.

Ron Shelvin leads the discussion with industry thought leaders in this video series focused on small business digital transformation. Explore the entire webinar series below to discover what industry leaders think banks can do to help their small business customers. 

Brett King

Brett King, Co-Founder, Moven

Brett King, co-founder of neo-bank Moven and host of the world’s first and #1 ranked radio show on FinTech, “Breaking Banks”, explains how institutions must eliminate friction in order to improve the integration or embedded nature, of banking in business customers’ lives. 

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Jill Castilla

Jill Castilla, CEO, Citizen Bank of Edmond

President and CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond, Jill Castilla chats with our host Ron Shevlin on how the economic impact of the pandemic crisis has heightened the risks and opportunities for banks — and why financial institutions must act as “economic first responders.”

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Norm Deluca

Norm DeLuca, General Manager, Bottomline

Norm DeLuca, General Manager Digital Banking Solutions Group, at Bottomline discusses why “this time is different” in terms of digital acceleration and the opportunities that small businesses present, including what banks must do to act on these opportunities right now.

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Dan O'Malley

Dan O'Malley, CEO, Numerated

Dan O’Malley, founder and CEO of Numerated, explains how we’re moving from digital transformation to digital acceleration and why financial institutions must be on guard from disruption from big, tech-savvy banks and aggressive fintechs.


Smart banks can win in small business. with Dan O

Brian O'Connor

Brian O’Connor, Citizen’s Bank

Brian O’Connor, Head of Strategy for Business Banking at Citizen’s Bank shares how initiatives aimed at helping small businesses, as well as reemphasizing digital efforts, can have a massive impact on digital usage and customer satisfaction.

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Smart banks can win in small business with Brian O

Steve Beisser

Steven Beisser, Vice President, HelioCampus

Steven Beisser provides the voice of the small business owner, outlining his experience — both positive and negative — with his partner financial institutions, as well as actionable steps banks can take to help their small business customers succeed.

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Derik Sutton

Derik Sutton, VP Marketing, Autobooks

Derik Sutton explains why optimizing cash flow is the number one thing small businesses need from banks during the pandemic crisis — and any other time — and what financial institutions should be doing to get there.

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Underserved and overwhelmed

Many small businesses, under-served by their banking partners, are increasingly turning to larger banks, with more robust digital capabilities, or to emerging fintech challengers with more compelling value propositions.

Many banks have made the mistake of believing their small business clients would not need or value more sophisticated digital services, including cash and liquidity management, which too often finds them offering simple, one-size-fits-all, retail banking solutions that fail to meet the needs of many business clients.

The Covid-19 crisis and the resulting impact represents a staggering $370 Billion opportunity to provide accounting and payments services to small and medium sized businesses

Source: Cornerstone Advisors
Statement Manager Consolidated Cash Management Illustration

Financial institutions must act now

As financial institutions cope with a level of uncertainty themselves, they must also do more to support the success of their small business customers, preserve customer loyalty and deepen relationships.

Fuel accelerated digital transformation due to decreased branch traffic

Remain competitive against bigger/tech-savvy FIs

Enable seamless engagement

Protect and secure digital channels

Understand customer businesses and deepen relationships

Identify customer financial challenges and potential churn scenarios

Learn more about digital access and enablement for small businesses

Explore the resources below or click here to learn how Bottomline and Autobooks can help you support small businesses. 

Market Outlook Report: Small Business Banking in 2021

Following the dramatic downturn in 2020, we have seen many small businesses struggle or shutter their doors entirely due to losses in revenue, disrupted supply chains, delayed payments and reduced customer demand. The road to recovery is long, with small businesses reporting that revenue, profitability and employment have nearly halved in 2020. Thus, small business customers represent a huge opportunity for banks — financial institutions must understand the challenges they face as it’s now more important than ever for financial institutions to provide the digital access to banking services that help small businesses survive and thrive. 

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Small Business Banking: The Next Big Revenue Opportunity for Banks

The pandemic has greatly impacted small businesses — many have struggled or even been forced to shutter their doors entirely due to losses in revenue, disrupted supply chains, delayed payments and reduced consumer demand. It’s now more important than ever for financial institutions to provide digital access and enablement to their small business customers in need. This infographic contains a compilation of data from a number of resources conveying the wide-spread impact of the pandemic on small businesses, and the market opportunity for financial institutions.

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Next-Level Engagement with SMBs: Why Digital Access and Enablement Improves Banks Client Relationships

While digital transformation has been at the forefront of banking agendas for some time, recent events amplified and accelerated the push for digital services, especially in regional and community banks. Join The Financial Brand’s Jim Marous, Ron Shevlin from Cornerstone Advisors and Bottomline’s Norm Deluca, for a spirited discussion on how to proactively engage with customers and provide new levels of services to deepen relationships.

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video time: 53:55 video title: Next-Level Engagement with SMBs

Digital Banking Access and Enablement for Small Businesses

Banks need to educate their business customers about digital tools that can help them run the financial end of their business in a way that highlights the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, convenience and security essential to their growth. This ebook highlights 6 essential digital service offerings that all banks should adopt to preserve and grow small business customer relationships.


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Protecting Your Small Business Clients from Fraud

Fraud is always a serious threat for businesses of any size, eroding data integrity and security, customer confidence and brand integrity. However small businesses feel the effects of fraud more acutely. It is particularly threatening to those who may lack the internal resources typically responsible for managing risks. Download this ebook for five things banks and financial institutions need to understand about small business fraud threats.


Protecting Your Small Business Clients EBO page image

The $370 Billion Small Business Opportunity for Banks

An alarmingly high percentage of small businesses say they are likely to look for a new banking relationship in the next 12 months. In this report from Cornerstone Advisors and Autobooks, see why upgrading your small business services can help you grow existing and new small business relationships to take advantage of this massive opportunity.


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Additional resources for helping small businesses

Why it matters?

At least 35% to 40% of small businesses either continue to be served on consumer or consumer-like banking platforms or are camouflaged as consumers.

Source: Aite Group: The Higher Urgency for Small-Business Receivables Tools in the Wake of COVID-19 APRIL 2020


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