BT currency & payments 102

Smart Intake Forms

Customizable intake forms with embedded business logic 

BT personnel 141

Task and Approval Management

Product & service-specific workflow

BT process & representation 119

Team Coordination

Collaboration and management tracking for improved onboarding efficiency

BT data representation 30

Document Generation

Automated generation of appropriate disclosure agreements and eSignatures

Commercial onboarding features and functionality for efficiency, quicker time to revenue and expanded cross selling:

  • Smart Setup Forms configured for your products & services
  • Embedded business logic & business process automation
  • Workflow to support New, Change/Maintenance, and Service Cancellation processes
  • Support for Task Rework, On Hold, Implementation Cancellation, Reinstatement of Cancellations, and Rushes

  • Alerts and notifications via dashboards or email
  • Dynamic workflow scheduling options
  • Document generation based on smart setup form data and content
  • Customizable analytics to help monitor and improve onboarding team efficiency plus dashboard transparency into the onboarding process

Did You Know?

Since onboarding is one of the first impressions treasury management customers get of their bank, it is...something banks must strive to automate and make efficient.

Source: – Aite Group: Leaders of Treasury Management Onboarding: The Pursuit of Automation

Treasury Management Onboarding Automation for Financial Institutions

Onboarding is one of the first intelligent engagement opportunities that treasury management customers may have with you. As a critical component of the customer experience, it sets the tone of the relationship and requires automation and efficiency.

Digital Banking IQ Commercial Onboarding

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From actionable insights to faster onboarding, the Digital Banking IQ platform is the leading intelligent engagement solution for banking and payments.

Insights and Analytics

Digital Banking IQ for Insights and Analytics


Unify data sources across your organization and deliver actionable insights that are based on a deep understanding of your customers’ needs.

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Payments and Cash Management

Digital Banking IQ for Payments and Cash Management


Unify your commercial customer experience and strengthen payments and cash management services via a platform featuring rich UI and UX capabilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Fraud and Financial Crime Management

Digital Banking IQ for Fraud and Financial Crime Management


Gain security and peace of mind with risk and fraud solutions, offering unparalleled protection from fraud and financial crime, while helping banks comply with regulations. 

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