Along with the hardware and supplies you buy from Bottomline comes more than 15 years of in-market experience with financial document printing and distribution. The following are just a few of the many value-added services that we provide to our customers for their convenience and security at no additional cost.

Custom Ship Program
Bottomline's Custom Ship program provides customers with ultimate savings, security, and convenience. The unique program allows your business to take advantage of attractive discounts, buying check supplies from Bottomline in bulk without having to store paper, envelopes, and toner at your location. Bottomline will warehouse your purchased supplies for a period of no longer than 1 (one) year, giving you the option of shipping as needed on a request-only basis, or having supplies shipped automatically on a set schedule. The choice – and the savings – is yours!

Supplies Inventory Checklist Service
As an ongoing service to our customers, a dedicated financial document supplies representative will contact you to inquire about your on-site check printing inventory. This service reduces your risk of ever being late with time-sensitive check runs for lack of supplies.

MICR Quality Assurance Program and Total Solution Guarantee
The laser printing of checks and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) documents require the integration of twenty-six variables. These variables are related to precise characteristics contained in special paper, toner and printers. All these components must work together for each different printer. The MICR code has a unique quality in that if just one of these twenty-six variables is not done to standard, the MICR document (check) will be misread by the banks' large MICR reader/sorter machines and will be rejected.

We guarantee that any MICR toner cartridge or paper you purchase from Bottomline when used in compliance with configuration guidelines provided by Bottomline will produce the document quality required for machine-readable documents. In the event that you experience problems with your MICR documents being rejected by your financial institution, Bottomline will work closely as an intermediary between you and your financial institution. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we will replace or repair any items purchased from Bottomline that are shown to be responsible for the check rejection problem.
If you use our supplies, and there is ever a fee charged by the bank for rejected documents, Bottomline Technologies will reimburse you as part of our Total Solution Guarantee. This Guarantee is only applicable if software, fonts, toner, paper, and software maintenance are purchased directly from Bottomline Technologies.

Check Fraud Liability Consulting Service 
To assist customers in reducing their organization's exposure to the liability of check fraud, we recommend that companies utilize their bank(s) Positive Pay service together with check stock that bears UCC-approved (Uniform Commercial Code) security features. Our on-staff check fraud liability experts are available to consult with customers on these critical security features at no additional charge.

Check 21 Image Compliance Service
Under recent legislation, Check 21 requires that all banks be able to accept an electronic image of a check rather than the paper check itself. Banks who wish to send electronic check images typically scan the check to create electronic files and then destroy the original paper check. As it replaces the original check, the Image Replacement Document (IRD) becomes a legal negotiable document, subject to the same conditions and regulations as an ordinary check.

The resulting "Image Friendly" (also referred to as "Image Compliant") requirement means that a check must be easily scannable for pertinent information, such as amount, payee name, routing info, etc. If extraneous printing, including background marks, company logos or void pantographs show up when the document is scanned, the ability of the mechanical reader to "see" the critical information is impaired. As a service to our customers, Bottomline will analyze your checks to ensure they are "image friendly" for best scanning and readability.

For more information on these complementary customer programs and services, contact Bottomline at 1.800.490.2128.

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