Hear from 15+ visionary speakers and gain an exclusive insight into innovative AI for Fraud AML developments within the enterprise. Interact with industry-leading experts and hear practical “how-to” case-studies from global companies already leveraging AI technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform financial institutions (FIs), disrupting every aspect of financial services, from the customer experience to financial crime. AI technology can be utilized by FIs in a number of ways, with anti-money laundering (AML) one of the main areas of focus. FIs can employ AI to analyze large amounts of data, to filter out false alerts and identify complex criminal conduct.

Join Bottomline Technologies’ Senior Data Scientist, Valerie Melul, as she discusses “Data Science in detection models” – with our unique Bottomline view of both commercial and corporate payments

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With all of the information about machine learning, how does an organization cut through the noise and identify the best solution for payment fraud detection?

The Impact of Machine Learning on Fraud Detection

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